revm is an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) written in Rust that is focused on speed and simplicity. This documentation is very much a work in progress and a community effort. If you would like to contribute and improve these docs please make a pr to the github repo. Most importantly, Revm is just the execution environment for ethereum; there is no networking or consensus related work in this repository.


The project has 4 main crates that are used to build revm. These are:

  • revm: The main EVM library.
  • interpreter: Execution loop with instructions.
  • primitives: Primitive data types.
  • precompile: EVM precompiles.

Testing with the binaries

There are two binaries both of which are used for testing. To install them run cargo install --path bins/<binary-name>. The binaries are:

  • revme: A CLI binary, used for running state test json. Currently it is used to run ethereum tests to check if revm is compliant. For example if you have the eth tests cloned into a directory called eth tests and the EIP tests in the following directories you can run
cargo run --profile ethtests -p revme -- \
    statetest \
    ../ethtests/GeneralStateTests/ \
    ../ethtests/LegacyTests/Constantinople/GeneralStateTests/ \
    bins/revme/tests/EIPTests/StateTests/stEIP5656-MCOPY/ \
  • revm-test: test binaries with contracts; used mostly to check performance

If you are interested in contributing, be sure to run the statetests. It is recommended to read about the ethereum tests.